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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2015: My Year Of Adventure

So why am I choosing to embark on a Year Of Adventure?  I am so not an adventurous person by habit.  I dream of doing cool and exciting things, but often am too scared to say boo to a goose.  I am quiet, a little shy, self-conscious, and lacking in self-confidence.  And yet I dream of living an exciting and bold life.   I love watching Strictly Come Dancing, and dream of being a celebrity facing the challenge of learning to dance.  Making friends with the professional dancers, having that warmth, good humour and camaraderie that they share.  I would love that in my life.  I would love to be a famous singer, being proud of having a beautiful talent I could enjoy with others.  

I love the idea of being a hippie, spending time outdoors, gently playing musical instruments and relaxing in a beautiful field next to a camper van or gypsy caravan.  I am attracted to images of Gypsies, Hippies and Bohemians, I love watching movies featuring them, such as WanderlustWoodstock, and Peace, Love & Misunderstanding.  I love how at 'Peace' they are, so relaxed and confident in who they are.  Life unfolds for them in a happy fashion.  They have time to enjoy themselves, time to work on their art and they make time for each other.  

I know these are fictional ideals I love, and I cannot magically make myself like people I see on the TV and in the movies, but I'd love to incorporate some of what I love about them into my life.  I'd love to improve myself, and I'd love to live a more varied, fun-filled, joyful and adventurous life.  

So Happy New Year, and here's to the beginning of 2015:  My Year Of Adventure!