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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Make A Green Heart and Save The Planet

Why not craft a Green Heart?  It doesn't matter what craft you're into, or if you want to try a new one, you can make a Green Heart this Valentine's Day weekend, and show your love for the planet.

As a singleton, I love the idea of being able to do something a little different to mark Valentine's Day.  I may not have a significant other to give my love to this year, but I do have love and passion I want to put to good use.  We don't just have love to share with another person, we have love for the many beautiful things around us too.

The Climate Coalition are encouraging us to #ShowTheLove for everything we care about affected by Climate Change, by making a Green Heart.  When I think of Climate Change, my first thought is the ice melting in the Arctic, and though that is pretty high up on the Climate Coalition's List, I was surprised to discover just how many things are affected by Climate Change.  Chocolate and Popcorn were two of my most surprising discoveries (and two of my foodie loves), but really small creatures like Butterflies, and our familiar woodland flowers the Bluebells, I would have thought fairly safe from Climate Change.  

As I look through the examples on the Climate Coalition's website, I realise pretty much everything on the planet is affected by it.  The land that we walk on, our cities, our countryside, the plants and animals that thrive on it, food, drink, even us: Human Beings.  Everything on our planet could be wiped out by Climate Change.  So whatever you love, isn't it worth saving?  And definitely worth representing in a fun way, by crafting a Green Heart to show off with pride on Valentine's Day, and share on social media with hashtag #ShowTheLove.

I'm taking my inspiration from the Bluebells in their beautiful woodland home, I'm going to attempt to create an embroidered Green Heart, with Trees and flowers, a beautiful image of a natural paradise that I love and want to save from climate change.  I'm not an experienced embroiderer, the only embroidery I've done in the past is Cross stitch when I was back at school, so this is going to be a big challenge for me!  I'd also like to have a dabble at drawing some green hearts, drawing is relaxing for me, I love sketching whenever I get the chance.  

Your Green Heart can be made out of anything.  Paper, pencils, paint, collage, needle, thread and a little fabric, or maybe you want to bake a cake and decorate it with a green heart, or make a batch of heart-shaped biscuits so you can share your love.  Whatever craft materials you are into, go grab them and make a Green Heart that's special to you.

If you still want some more ideas, you can download the Climate Coalition's PDF pack for inspiration and ideas, you can also check out their Gallery of Green Hearts that have already been created.

Whatever you do, have fun, and #ShowTheLove for what you really love on this planet.  

Photo Credits:  Flickr Images used with Creative Commons License:  Image 1 - Healing Heart in the Sun by Jinx!, Image 2 - Green Heart by Frits Ahlefeldt-Laurvig, Image 3 - Wearing our hearts on our sleeves by Craftivist Collective, Image 4 - Crop of Wear your heart on your sleeve #fortheloveof our planet by Craftivist Collective, Image 5 - Repurposed Paper Heart - green (love) by Judy Merrill-Smith, Image 6 - Blue Heart - abstract oil pastel drawing by Nicole Resseguie-Snyder.

Monday, 1 February 2016

#MusicMonday... Halestorm - Here's To Us

This is a song I discovered a while back, it is just perfect if you have ever had a day at work (or even a whole week) where you were really stressed, really annoyed, or just basically hated everything about that day/week!  The song's lyrics sum it up, and basically says to hell with that, here's to us.  It has a real party feel to it, like you're in the pub on a Friday after work, it's been a really awful week, but hey, it's Friday, so here's to us!

Here's an acoustic version of this song that I absolutely love!  Enjoy...

WARNING - Explicit Lyrics
Do not watch this video if you are offended by bad language - this song includes the F word.