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Friday, 5 June 2015

A Bold New Step - Learning to Write My First Song

Today I have signed up for a free songwriting course with FreeLearn and Sheffield University.  I haven't yet learned how to play a musical instrument this year, though I have dabbled with learning to play the harmonica and keyboard before, learning a little of musical notation, and also learned this in music class at school.  Even though this was a few years ago for me, I am hoping it will be enough to help me do 6 week course.  It says:

"While it will be useful to have access to a musical instrument this is not a requirement, you can participate in the course just using your voice or with freely available music software."
 I do have access to my musical instruments, I just don't know how to play them very well.  I am very very rusty.  But I am hoping this course will kickstart my enthusiasm for this again.  I enjoy listening to music, I want to learn how to play the instruments, and to learn how to write my own songs, with lyrics and melody.  I don't know what freely available music software there is, but I would like to try to find it before my course starts on Monday 8th June.  I am both nervous and excited!  Who knows, a budding songwriter could be just waiting to be discovered inside of me!

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