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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Enjoy Your Little Patch Of Trees

Following on from my previous blog post about the European Union Nature Directives Review, I have very good news:  The EU has had an unprecedented response to their public consultation, of just over half a million people standing up for nature!  This is fantastic!  At a time when nature needs these directives more than ever, with The Woodland Trust currently defending ancient woodland from over 600 threats in the UK alone.  We now have to wait while the results of this public consultation, along with a assessment of the use of these laws across Europe, will be summarised and put forward to Ministers in Spring 2016.  Fingers crossed they make the right decision and save these much needed laws!

Have a Green Adventure

In the meantime, why not take a well deserved break enjoying your local woodland?  You can have a little adventure walking amongst the trees, observing some local wildlife - butterflies, birds, grasshoppers, bees and squirrels all make their homes in local woodland.  You could try your hand at some wildlife photography, have a picnic (but always tidy up after yourself!).  The Woodland is also a great place to clear your head for some creativity.  Why not take a sketchbook with you, doodle what you see or what you feel?  If you're more of a writer, write down all your five senses - what can you see, smell, taste, hear and feel?  Record the experience fully, so you can cherish the memory later.  

Finding a green space is the best way to cool down and escape the heat of the hot summer sun.  (Yes, there is some sunshine over the UK!).  Somehow the earth seems able to absorb the heat of the sun without reflecting it back up to you like concrete does.  Plus you can always find a kind tree to provide a beautiful natural canopy to provide shade while you sit for a while, and let the cares of the world gently drift away.  

Not sure where your nearest woodland is?  Not to worry, The Woodland Trust has a great little tool on their website:  Find a wood to explore.  Simply enter your post code, click Go, and you will be shown a list of woods alongside a map, showing exactly where you nearest woods are!  They also have lots of great ideas for things to do on your woodland trails too.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, have a wonderful summer, you've earned it.

[Photo Credit:  WT/ML - Woodland Trust Media Library]

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