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Monday, 7 December 2015

New Music Monday... Train - Shake Up Christmas

Continuing my New Music Monday feature, where I introduce you songs and music artists you may not have stumbled across before, I'm starting a new theme for the month of December: festive songs for the season!  I'm picking some of my favourite tracks that don't get a lot of airtime on UK radio, even though they were released quite recently in comparison to some of our old favourites.  I really like it when an artist chooses to create a whole new song for Christmas instead of covering an old song we already know and love that's been covered about a million times.  It's great to hear something new that evokes the feeling of Christmas today.

And this week I'm featuring Train, an American rock band with Shake Up Christmas.  A fun catchy song, with a fun little story in the video, showing kindness and goodwill in a modern way, though still including Santa Claus.  Enjoy!  

If you enjoyed watching the above video and would like to see more, you might like to know that Train have a new Christmas album out, exclusively on Amazon, called Christmas In Tahoe.  On it they include this single which was originally released in 2010, covers of favourite Christmas songs, (including a cover of Slade's Merry Christmas Everybody), as well as their brand new song, Christmas Island.  

Have fun getting in the festive spirit, and I'll bring you some more festive cheer next week!

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