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Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Discover A Life Filled With Passion & Joy

"The world is a delicious and gorgeous place created for us to explore, enjoy, and protect.  I will seek out the lessons in every experience, and as I grow, I will have more to offer in return."
These are the words of wisdom I discovered in Guild Wars 2, the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game) I recently downloaded and started playing.  I love fantasy or sci-fi online games that are free to play, and have just discovered Guild Wars 2 is now free.  They have put a lot of effort into making your character feel unique and have their own personal story running through the game, by giving you character choices at the beginning like the one quoted above.  

I think these words ring very true to the attitude and beliefs I would like to encourage in my own life.  A feeling of enthusiasm and excitement at discovering the beauty and the wonder of the world around me.  Sometimes we get a little bogged down with the mundane things we have to do, and can end up stomping around with our eyes down on a grey pavement, and forgetting to look up and take in the little miracles of the world all around us.  Every moment of our lives is different, the weather changes, hence the light is different on the familiar scenes around us.  There will be unique birds singing, wildlife and nature subtly change, so that no moment is ever exactly the same.  We just have to look up and see them.  

I also want to explore and discover new things, try out new hobbies, find new challenges, and further my skills.  Pushing myself to really be the best I can be.  I won't enjoy everything I try, but I am sure I will make some exciting discoveries that will stir my passion, and lead me on a new path in life, that I wouldn't have discovered, if I hadn't first tried something new.  

I hope you find something exciting and beautiful just waiting to be discovered, perhaps a new street you haven't walked down, a garden or park you've not yet visited, the stirrings of your imagination between the pages of a new book, the stroke of a pencil you never knew you could make, or the feel of wet clay between your fingers.  Whatever you discover, I hope it stirs your heart with passion, and fills your life with joy.  

Image Credit:  Image cropped from a screenshot of Guild Wars 2's beautiful scenery during actual gameplay.

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