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Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Feeling Inspired To Keep A Sketchbook

After watching Scott Robertson's Youtube video Sketchbooks (embedded below) where he shows off sketchbook pages, and then a few quick sketches of his own at the end, are really inspiring me to start regular sketching again.

I used to sketch regularly in my breaks at work, borrowing a little paper from the printer drawer (copier paper is beautifully white and a great clean surface to have fun sketching on), and I would sketch something new every day.  I was lucky at the time, I got a 20 minute break in the morning and afternoon, by the end of the week I had a sheet full of pencil sketches!  

It was great freeform drawing, not using any reference images, just doodling freehand for a little relaxation and escapism, which really took my mind off work.  Focusing on the pencil line and creating something fun, I felt transported to another world.  It was also interesting to look back on what I'd doodled and see what I'd been thinking about over the course of each week, which I dated too.  

I'd like to try some of the mechs Scott sketches above too, and I love his idea for making a basic rough shape with a grey marker pen, then sketching in details over the top with a black fineliner pen.  I tend to sketch in a 2B pencil, but I could try using the side of the pencil to lightly block in a rough shape, and then use the point to define the details afterwards.  

I think this will be fun to pick up again now, and a great way to relax and take the stress out of my day.  It's bound to improve my art skills too!

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