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Monday, 11 January 2016

#MusicMonday... David Bowie (Labyrinth)

It seems particularly appropriate to feature David Bowie in my #MusicMonday slot on my blog today.  I think the whole country, and possible the world, is in shock today.  No one knew David Bowie had cancer, that he'd been diagnosed with it 18 months ago, and knew he was going to die.  He was busy working on a broadway musical, and a brand new album, Blackstar, which appears to be a way for him to say goodbye to his fans.  So today's news of his death came as quite a shock.  I have spent most of today listening to radio specials celebrating the life and music of David Bowie, googling him, reading his Wikipedia page and exploring his website.  He's someone that's always been there throughout my life, and somehow I never thought of going.

I think the first time I really noticed David Bowie was as a child, when I first watched Labyrinth, the fantasy movie in which he played Jareth, the Goblin King.  He was charismatic and otherworldly, with a hauntingly beautiful voice.  I loved the songs and I loved the character.  I've heard a lot of David Bowie's well known, and some less well known songs on the radio today, but very little mention of Labyrinth, and the amazing soundtrack he did.  So today I'd like to share a music video from the movie, featuring one of David Bowie's songs, As The World Falls Down.  A beautiful ethereal scene, which somehow reminds me of the mythical story of Persephone and Hades, when Hades attempts to seduce Persephone into staying in his world forever, never to return to the world above.  As I think this video shows, it would be tempting to stay.  Enjoy.

Photo Credit:  Image cropped from the Labyrinth Movie Poster

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